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An Idea is Born.....                                  OUR STORY              

Inspired by successful women all around the world who have taken significant steps into managing their own business.

“Beautina Beauty Studio” provides a new showcase that celebrates women’s successes in beauty and relaxation whilst multi-tasking a busy career and personal life. We offer the latest in beauty treatments in a Boutique atmosphere to relax in comfort whilst being pampered by our customer-focused professional technicians.

Our key offering is that our customers should not have to feel that they are having to “claw” their way to getting service with respect where time is not seen as the only ingredient ensuring that our professional technicians are more attentive to your individual demands and expectations.

Beautina Beauty Studio judges sanitation to be the foundation of a safe, and hygienic salon. All our professional technicians follow stringent sterilisation practices to ensure our Boutique adheres to health and safety guidelines.

In short, our combined attention to detail, sanitisation practices, and customer focus are simply “A BRUSH ABOVE“.


Having your beauty done should be a pleasurable experience, we know that you not only want the very best deal but you want excellent quality, and a finish for your beauty that will impress. These are just some of the reasons why you may wish to choose us !!!!